HAL0 3


Halo 3 is one of the best selling games.

unfortunately Halo 3 is only out on Xbox 360.The game is great.

I have this game my self i loved it. I have finished the whole game.

The game has got great weapons. I love the assault rifle and the grav hammer.

It is very hard to kill the big alien’s in the game.The small alien’s don’t know what  they are really doing.

I find the last level a bit hard.

The game is about $69 Australian dollars but the special addition is $100 Australian dollars unless the price has dropped.

I hope you have great fun with the GAME!


Need For Speed Pro Street

NFS Pro Street

Need for speed pro street is the best selling nfs game.

The graphics are wicked. NFS pro street has got all new cars like

Mitsubishi lancer evolution x Nissan skyline GTR R34 and way more.There are

new races like wheelie competitions and more.

This game is out on Xbox360, Plastation2 and Pc. IT IS ALREADY OUT WHAT ARE YOU WATING FOR….

Colin McRae: Dirt


Colin McRae:Dirt will come out on the 3oth of june 2007. The game will be out on Xbox 360 , PS3 ,XBOX , PS2 and PC. The game has got really good graphics. There are lot’s of new cars and tracks. Unlike CMR 2005, I hope this game will allow us to cut cornes.

NFS carbon


NFS carbon is the best selling nfs ever. This game is out on PS3, Xbox360, PSP, Nintendo wii, Xbox and PS2. In this game there are 3 people to beat. The game is not easy as it looks. The best cars are subaru,Dodge Viper and Mitsubishi Evo IX. The handling is not really good but the graphics are really good.

Spiderman 3 the game


spiderman 3 will be available in may the first 2oo7. The game will be only out on pc,xbox 360,xbox,ps3 and psp. This is the best selling spiderman game ever. The grafics are awesome. Spiderman 3 is caming out may the 9 2007.